Small Plate menus designed to share. Sometimes with a theme, sometimes not, but always thoughtful & inventive cooking.  Not licensed, but happy to provide you with drinking vessels for your wine or beer. Booking is essential in the evenings.

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    Every from Wednesday to Saturday evenings, we open our doors to a different style of dining. Each night we present a short menu of creative, innovative dishes, designed to share. With a menu that changes every month, and a flexible kitchen, we always offer something just that bit different. Each menu consists of a range small plates ideal for two people to share. As well as the published menu we add specials each evening reflecting the availability of local produce.

  • #Nosetotail

    This cooking, based around utilising the whole of the animal, dominates our Small Plates menus. Our experience and knowledge of food means we can take the lesser used cuts of meat and create exciting and unique dishes.

  • #rootsandshoots

    Our menus are driven by one ethos. Eat higher welfare meat. Eat all of the animal. And now and then go Meat Free. For this reason, on the first weekend of the month,we present a completely vegetarian menu. This has become known as our #RootsToShoots menu and is very popular with both our vegetarian customers and those who just appreciate good cooking

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Wednesday to Saturday 5:30pm - 9pm & Lunch Friday & Saturday 12noon - 3pm